About Me

Hello, I'm an all-round freelance videographer based London, UK. My skills cover producing/directing, shooting and editing.

I’ve been knocking up top-notch video content pretty much for the last decade. Highlights include shelf-shooting my first viral video for Cat’s Protection - which has knocked up a staggering 800,000 views and featured across most news networks, creating motion graphics for BBC CBeebies Magic Hands - a ground-breaking children’s sign language poetry animation and covering WorldSkills 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil.

An inquisitive nature leads me to suss out the story in the narrative. Being multi-disciplined, I can integrate into a production environment easily whether it be as part of a team or working individually.

Based in London but happy to travel with experience working internationally.

My speciality lies in producing and editing short, factual & PR led narratives within tight time restraints but I've experience in creating all sorts of content.

As a director I've produced and directed news based content for the Government, viral videos for charities and video news releases for many household brands.

As an editor and graphics person, I've created animations for the BBC's Cbeebies channel, produced video news release packages for international events and finished high-end corporate videos.

In my videographer and cameraman role, I've shot viral content (which has collated over a million views collectively!), recorded some of the UK's leading business CEOs and filmed news content for Yahoo.

I won't bore you with the usual guff... but all my clients seem to like me!

Jon Collins

Jon Collins Portrait