Freelance Broadcast Cameraman

I'm a freelance broadcast/lighting cameraman with experience shooting for documentary, charity, news, music promos and corporate films. Over the past few years I've shot with a variety of systems and setups including the Sony FS7, Canon C300, Sony PMW-500, Sony F5 and Canon XF305.

I personally believe that lighting is the most important aspect to a good picture, more so than a shallow depth of field sometimes and always endeavour to use light to it's maximum potential. As a lot of my work tends to be run-and-gun style interviews, this isn't always possible but observing what light around can be used, combined with battery powered LED panels and ring-lights, a good picture can always be obtained.

Sony FS7 Camera Owner and Operator

Owning the Sony FS7 means that I can use this fantastic camera on all shoots when required. The ability to shoot 180fps at the press of a button is a great way to lift production value without breaking the bank. Also whilst many people (myself included) are content with the ability to shoot in HD, some of my clients do need to be able to acquire in 4K. That's when this camera really comes into it's own as out of the box, this camera can shoot full 4K.

In the past I've found the Canon C300 to be the typical work-horse of camera for most shoots, whilst I'm still more than happy to shoot on this (it's a great camera!), I personally believe the Sony FS7 will be the go to camera for most of my client's productions in the not to distant future.

The other great advantage to this camera, is that it uses the same sensor as the Sony F5 so if it's needed for a multi-camera shoot, it can easily be matched.

I've a good selection of lenses, grip and accessories to accompany this camera including: Metabones Speedbooster, 28-135mm Servo Zoom, 16-35mm 2.8, 24-70mm 2.8, 70-200mm 2.8, various Zeiss prime lenses, 3 point lighting system and full wireless microphone kit. Grip equipment includes a DJI Ronin-M and a Mini-Jib capable of holding the FS7. For my full kit list, please checkout: For a full kit list, check out this page. Sony FS7

Having shot with the Sony FS7 for over 2 years, the countries leading photographic store, Wex Photographic and Video recently commissioned me to create an in-depth review of the camera. That can be seen here.

Self-Shooting Producer/Director

Operating as self shooting producer/director (PD self-shooter) I'm able to film content whilst continuing my role as a producer/director. In many cases, such as insufficient budgets or sensitive stories, it's not possible to send a whole crew in to capture the story. This is where I operate, capturing all the content solo or with a production assistant.

As a freelance videographer, I tend to service the PR, marketing and event sectors, capturing content as one-man-band style cameraman and director. Using an ENG style setup I can capture the content of an event and then edit onsite or overnight to be sent out as a video news release immediately. My ENG setup has been used across international sports events, immersive brand events and news pieces.

Freelance Producer
  • Lighting Cameraman
  • Broadcast Cameraman
  • TV Cameraman
  • Director of Photography (DoP)
  • PD Self Shooter
  • Videographer
  • Cineamatographer
  • Run-and-gun
  • Factual
  • Sports
  • Corporate
  • Vox Pops