Self Shooting Producer/Director

I'm a freelance PD self-shooter based in the UK. My experience covers many aspects of film-making but with a speciality in factual, current affairs based content.

I've shot for broadcast, documentary, PR/brand films and charities. I've a strong sense for narration and aim to tell some form of story in all that I produce.

With over a decades experience in working with contributors, I ensure that all my onscreen talent feel comfortable and willing to give honest and open answers, keeping an eye on key messages and core responsibilities of content we're creating.

My self shooting skills include operating a variety of different camera setups and formats whilst continuing my role as director. Using my experience in the field, I ensure that first and foremost I capture a strong narrative. Once this has been achieved I'll use a cinematic approach to capture beauty shots which include the use of sliders, mini-jibs and sliders.

Currently I self shoot most of my work on either my ARRI Amira or Sony FS7 camera. With access to the latest camera technology, I own a lot of my own kit including a variety of LED lighting solutions, sound kit and grip. Anything I don't have, I can access quickly through my network of freelance and kit hire contacts.

Based just outside London but happy to travel nationally or internationally.

Freelance Self Shooter
  • Self Shooting Director
  • Self Shooting Producer/Director
  • Videographer
  • Self Shooting PD
  • PD Self Shooter
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