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Reel 2018.

Reel 2018.

My new reel for 2018. Projects include: Riviera Maison - Christmas Film EE - Glastonbury Festival Reeves - Show Your Colours Roadshow ADVENTURES NOT DAMS Documentary Heineken - Brewing Good Cheer Twinings - Mothers Day Amazon Stories - Martin Smith Author Profile Heathrow - Imaginary Friend Friendly Kronenburg - Bar D'Alsace-tian

This is my first blog post...

I endeavour to update this periodically. Hopefully once or twice a month. I'll try and keep these posts concise and to the point. Topics I plan to cover include mixing live-action with motion graphics, efficiently creating titles, tips on how to key green-screen with DSLRs, tools that help me amongst other words of wisdom. Any questions or [...] Read more

What my Freelance Filmmaking blog posts will cover

I’m going to use these this platform to publish anything related to being a freelance filmmaker in a professional context. These posts will be more related to individual articles or posts that related to me or my work.

For example, I intend to post things like show reels, CVs and resumes here as well as anything else that might be useful for somebody wanting to know a little bit more about how I can help them make films!

Freelance filmmaker (videographer or multi-skilled operator) is a term used to describe an individual that can use their own skill to create video content from the ground up with little additional help if required. This means they direct, camera operate and edit the video content to create a finished film that can revival what a larger production company would usually do.