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Freelance Cameraman and Videographer with Drone

I'm a freelance drone operator with full CAA Open Authorisation permission to fly commercially (formally PfCO). I carry full drone liability insurance. I own a variety of drones including multiple DJI Mavic drones. 

I'm adept at pre-flight planning, risk assessments, pre-flight checks, flying and delivering footage from a drone. As a cameraman and videographer, I have an eye for composition and use that to capture and deliver cinematic video films. 

I find often, just bringing a drone along to a standard cameraman shoot, can be really helpful if we need a couple of additional B-Roll shots to lift the production value. I'm very much a fan of less is more, and whilst I totally understand that drones can be overused occasional in productions, I strongly believe that in the right instance they really lift (excuse the pun) a production value. 

I have multiple drones including DJI Mavic Pro 2 and DJI Mavic Air 2S as well as plenty of batteries and ND filters. Larger drones can be hired and brought in on request. I can facilitate wireless client viewing to enable directors to see what's being shot in the air. I can also bring a payload operator along to operate the camera if required.