The story of colour poem film
The Story of Colour
Kraken Screamfest 22
Hide and Seek - Screamfest
Mike Skinner
Mike Skinner Music Video
Kraken Lighthouse
Kraken Rum
The Legendary Survivor Series

Freelance Cameraman

As a seasoned freelance cameraman, my extensive experience encompasses diverse genres, including broadcast, documentary, charity, news, music promos, and corporate films. Over the past 15 years, I've worked with a wide array of professional camera systems and setups, including prestigious names such as the ARRI Amira, ARRI 35, Sony FX9, Sony FX6, Sony FS7, Sony F5, ARRI Alexa, RED Raptor, Canon C300, Sony PMW-500, and Canon XF305. Furthermore, I hold a commercial drone license granted by the CAA, which adds aerial cinematography to my skill set.

My expertise extends to filming in a broad spectrum of scenarios, from controlled studio environments to challenging on-location shoots and even extreme conditions. I'm well-versed in managing various lighting setups, ranging from HMIs and tungsten to energy-efficient LED systems, as well as harnessing the nuances of natural light to achieve the desired cinematic effect.

Key skills I offer as a freelance cameraman:

  • Variety of 4K+ Sony Cinematic Cameras
  • CAA authorised drone operator
  • Experienced at cinematic lighting
  • Extensive Green screen and studio experience
  • Large selection of up to date equipment with kit van
  • Extensive experience working internationally, including ATA Carnet preparation
  • 15+ years professional on the job experience
  • Large network of supporting crew (sound recordists, 2nd operators, ACs, etc)


Photo of Jon Collins

Some of my work:

The story of colour poem film
The Story of Colour
Kraken Screamfest 22
Hide and Seek - Screamfest
Mike Skinner
Mike Skinner Music Video
Kraken Lighthouse
Kraken Rum
The Legendary Survivor Series
Justin Young singing into a mic
Music Video Justin Young of The Vaccines
Much Better Adventures
Women in freight video
Women in Freight - Amazon
Filming Made in Chelsea star in a band stand
Jose Cuervo
Mariachi in Chelsea - Made in Chelsea x Love Island
Swimming in Plastic
The Big Bang Fair
Swimming in Plastic
Filming bison in kent
Kent Wildlife Trust
Rewilding the Blean - The UK's first Bison Release
Charity Documentary
Leonard Cheshire
Opening Doors
Keep (unwanted) intruders out
Born to Win - ITV
Brixton Brewery
Generation Pale Ale
Kraken Delivery Service
Kraken Rum
RUMantics Rum Delivery Service

Sony FX9 Camera Owner and Operator

The Sony FX9 camera is a powerhouse in the world of video production, highly favored by filmmakers and videographers for numerous compelling reasons. One of its standout features is its Full-Frame 6K sensor, which delivers exceptional image quality with an expansive dynamic range and stunning color reproduction, granting unparalleled creative control during post-production. With a Dual Base ISO spanning from 800 to 4000, it excels in low-light performance across diverse shooting environments. Furthermore, its advanced autofocus technology, featuring precise face and eye detection, simplifies shooting while ensuring consistently sharp focus. The FX9's ergonomic design and modularity offer ease of use and customisation to adapt to various shooting scenarios. Whether I'm capturing cinematic masterpieces or high-quality corporate videos, as a freelance cameraman, the remarkable features of the Sony FX9 set new standards in cinematic excellence.

Sony FX6 Camera Owner and Operator

The Sony FX6 is a preferred choice for filmmakers and videographers, offering outstanding production quality. This compact yet powerful camera boasts a Full-Frame 4K sensor for impressive image quality, especially in low-light conditions. With a wide dynamic range and precise color reproduction, it allows for creative freedom during post-production. Notably, the FX6 features Dual Base ISO (800 to 12,800), making it versatile for challenging lighting conditions. Its Fast Hybrid Autofocus system ensures precise subject tracking, perfect for capturing moving subjects. The camera's lightweight and modular design adapts to various shooting scenarios, from handheld to gimbal setups. As a freelance camera operator and the owner of the Sony FX6, I bring in-depth technical knowledge to ensure optimal performance, quick on-set adjustments, and efficient troubleshooting, ultimately enhancing the final product's quality and efficiency.

ARRI Amira, ARRI 35 and RED Raptor

Leveraging my experience as a freelance cameraman, I have had the privilege of owning the ARRI Amira and working with the RED Raptor, further highlighting the reasons why they are exceptional choices for professionals. My hands-on experience with the ARRI Amira has allowed me to appreciate its unmatched cinematic quality and versatility in various production scenarios. Whether capturing documentary-style footage or demanding cinematic sequences, the Amira consistently delivers outstanding results, making it a valuable tool in my repertoire. Whilst I no longer own the ARRI, I do have fond memories and can easily acquire one for shoots.

Similarly, my experience with the RED Raptor has been equally enlightening. Working with its Helium 8K S35 sensor has enabled me to harness its impressive resolution and dynamic range, providing unmatched creative control during post-production. These cameras have been pivotal in elevating the quality of my work as a freelance cameraman, and their industry reputation is well-deserved. When collaborating on projects that demand cinematic excellence, the ARRI Amira, ARRI 35 and RED Raptor have consistently proven to be reliable and powerful choices that meet and exceed expectations.

Shooting with a fully rigged ARRI Amira and ErgoRig

Me (Jon Collins) shooting with a fully rigged ARRI Amira and CN7 on location

Jon Collins Shooting

Freelance DoP with kit

My extensive equipment collection enables me to deliver professional-grade cinematography without exceeding your budget. I boast a full set of Zeiss prime lenses, allowing me to achieve that coveted cinematic aesthetic. For dynamic run-and-gun projects, I have an array of versatile zoom lenses from renowned brands like Zeiss, Sony, Canon, and Sigma. The flexibility to choose the right lens for each shot is a critical advantage. The Canon CN7x120 zoom lens is my preferred choice for projects that require quick setup and repositioning.

When it comes to grip equipment, my kit is comprehensive and diverse, featuring tools like the Wally Dolly tracking system, ErgoRig camera support, a mini-jib, slider, and a DJI Ronin 3-axis stabilizer. I have hands-on experience with exoskeletons and supports like the TILTA Armour man and Easyrig systems to ensure a stable and smooth filming process.

My lighting kit includes various Aputure fixtures such as the NOVA (a great alternative to the ARRI Skypanel), C300D, C120D Mark 2, and the 300x (equivalent to the DEDO lights), as well as Kino Flo DIVA lights and numerous LED 1x1 panels. Additionally, I have portable ring and camera top lights, along with an extensive collection of stands, rigging, and clamps, all housed in my well-equipped van, ensuring accessibility on every shoot. For larger productions and studio work, I can readily source the appropriate lighting equipment, whether it be Kino Flo Selects, ARRI Skypanels, ARRI 2Ks, 5Ks, Dedo Octodomes, or 12x12 silks to meet the specific demands of the project.

Furthermore, my expertise extends to camera operation using an EyeDirect system and iPad AutoCue setup. The EyeDirect, a remarkable tool that employs mirrors to position the director's face over the camera lens, is particularly effective for creating natural-looking, engaging down-the-lens interviews. It's a valuable asset for storytelling, suitable for a range of content from charity case studies to corporate interviews. The iPad AutoCue system offers the convenience of loading scripts for easy prompting, allowing spokespeople to read scripts with minimal rehearsal and making scripted content filming quick and efficient.

Shooting with ARRI Amira and EyeDirect

Shooting with the EyeDirect and ARRI Amira

As for back drops and studio shoots, I can offer portable green screen, white screen or black screen as default for on location work.

For my full kit list, please checkout: For a full kit list, check out this page.

Having shot with the Sony FS7 for over 2 years, the countries leading photographic store, Wex Photographic and Video recently commissioned me to create an in-depth review of the camera. That can be seen here.

Experienced ENG Cameraman

With a wealth of experience as an ENG Cameraman, I have an extensive background in filming for broadcast, sports, and news. My work has been featured on major networks like the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4, as well as international sports channels. I possess the skills to not only capture compelling footage but also self-produce content that shines when it matters most. My expertise ensures that I can consistently deliver professional and impactful visuals for various broadcast and news applications.

Cameraman with Drone Expertise

As a CAA Operational Authorisation with GVC holder with full Liability Insurance for drone work, I bring the ability to capture stunning aerial footage for television, online platforms, and corporate video productions. This capability is particularly valuable for obtaining breathtaking establishing shots and enhancing storytelling in action and adventure shoots. I'm well-versed in integrating aerial perspectives seamlessly into various production types, adding depth and visual impact to your projects. Currently my fleet of drones include the latest DJI Mavic Pro 3 and DJI Mavic Air 2S.

Skillful Self-Shooting Producer/Director

In my role as a self-shooting producer/director (PD self-shooter), I offer a unique solution for scenarios with budget constraints or sensitive stories that require discretion. When sending an entire crew is impractical, I step in to capture all the essential content independently or with the support of a production assistant. My multifaceted expertise allows me to take on dual roles, ensuring that your project receives comprehensive coverage and maintains the high-quality standards of a larger production team.

Experienced Freelance Cameraman and Videographer

As a seasoned freelance videographer, I predominantly serve the PR, marketing, and event sectors, operating as a one-man-band style cameraman and director. I utilise an ENG-style setup to efficiently capture event content and offer onsite or overnight editing services for immediate video news releases. My ENG setup has been extensively utilized across international sports events, immersive brand experiences, and news segments. With a keen eye for storytelling and a versatile approach, I'm well-equipped to deliver impactful visuals that meet your videography needs.

Services I Offer

Lighting Cameraman

Expert experience lighting for TV, studio, location and green screen.

Broadcast Cameraman

Experience shooting pre-records, VTs, documentary, live and news.

TV Cameraman

BBC Cameraman filming for BBC, Channel 4, ITV and international TV stations.

Director of Photography (DoP)

Freelance DoP (Director of Photography) with experience shooting studio and location.

Drone Pilot

Fully licensed and insured drone pilot with CAA Operational Authorisation.

Freelance Videographer

Freelance videographer with experience shooting for brand funded, events, PR agencies, corporate and charity.

Freelance Cinematographer

Freelance cinematographer specialising in branded content and advertising.

Sports Cameraman

Sports cameraman with experience shooting various sports including tennis, football and racing.

Corporate Cameraman

Cameraman for corporate films working with some of the world's largest companies.

ENG Cameraman

ENG Cameraman shooting content for news, broadcast and PR launches.

PD Self Shooter

Self shooting PD with experience working with contributors.

Adventure Filmmaker/Videographer

Freelance adventure filmmaker/videographer with international experience shooting content in remote places.