About Jon Collins

About Jon Collins

Freelance Filmmaker

Hello, I'm Jon Collins. I'm a freelance filmmaker, director and cameraman with a passion for creating films and capturing stories. For over a decade now, my content has been broadcast on most major TV channels (including BBC and ITV), I've been involved in documentaries that have driven social change and have filmed for just about every well known brand under the sun (well almost...).

My background started off in corporate film before progressing up through the world of PR and branded content, refining my skill for telling a succinct narrative through as few seconds as possible. These days I work across the worlds of broadcast, branded content, advertising and corporate film. I operate smaller shoots with just myself and an assistant sometimes and produce larger shoots, bringing in multiple crews to run it with me where needed. I pride myself on being a friendly face with professional results.

Outside of the video production world, I'm passionate about environmental issues. Environmental and rewilding projects I've covered have garnered headlines internationally on multiple occasions. I believe very strongly that we all have our own duty to do what we can to protect this planet, and so I will not knowingly engage in any projects linked to the extraction or burning of fossil fuels.

Jon Collins with FX9 and Arri Amira

When Jon Collins is not pretending to be a tripod, he also enjoys wearing mustard.

Jon Collins - Show Reel

Jon Collins Shooting

Branded Content Video

These days, a lot of my work centres around helping brands like Amazon, Twinings and Heineken authentically tell stories that verse social platforms to resonate with audiences. I approach every project with a wish to maximise a clients' budget and deliver films that are tailor fit for the platform they're shown on.

I don't believe the same video edit that gets shared around on Facebook will necessarily work on YouTube, or that beautifully in-depth story will be conveyed correctly on Instagram. I think the creative opportunities opened up by Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories should be embraced and not shied away from.

Shooting in Studio 2 Abbey Road

Shooting in Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios

International Cameraman

Internationally, I've travelled across the world with my camera equipment and I'm well versed in preparing carnets. I've experience working in challenging environments and I'm never afraid of getting my feet wet. Countries I've currently filmed in includes the likes of Albania, Bahamas, Bosnia, Brazil, France, Greece, Holland, Norway and Sweden to name a few.

Freelance Sports Cameraman

In my time, I've help create films for a variety of sports including football, cricket, hockey, tennis and cycling and for various international bodies, clubs, tournaments and teams. I've worked for the likes of FIFA, The French Open and Arsenal.


Green Screen Michael McIntyre

Jon Collins is a BBC Cameraman filming for Michael McIntyre's BBC show

Freelance Cinematographer

When it comes to working in a confined studio space, I'm not afraid to get stuck in. I've experience as a freelance DoP (Director of Photography), lighting studio spaces (including white and green screen) and working on BBC shows like Michael McIntyre's BAFTA winning show. I regularly work with a variety of lighting kit including KinoFlos, ARRI (tungsten & HMIs) and Dedo Octodomes. Depending on the requirements, I can work solo, with my own camera assistant or with gaffers.

Documentary Filmmaker

I'm passionate about using films for good. As well as working with some of the UK's biggest (and smallest) charities on various campaign, educational and social media films, I love to spend my free time working on films that can help make difference. My film Adventures Not Dams was created to help raise awareness in the UK and all over the world, what damage hydro-power plants do to their surroundings and why turning over huge parts of the Balkans to rich energy companies, is not a good idea.

Services I Offer

Lighting Cameraman

Expert experience lighting for TV, studio, location and green screen.

Broadcast Cameraman

Experience shooting pre-records, VTs, documentary, live and news.

TV Cameraman

BBC Cameraman filming for BBC, Channel 4, ITV and international TV stations.

Director of Photography (DoP)

Freelance DoP (Director of Photography) with experience shooting studio and location.

Drone Pilot

Fully licensed and insured drone pilot with CAA Operational Authorisation.

Freelance Videographer

Freelance videographer with experience shooting for brand funded, events, PR agencies, corporate and charity.

Freelance Cineamatographer

Freelance cinematographer specialising in branded content and advertising.

Sports Cameraman

Sports cameraman with experience shooting various sports including tennis, football and racing.

Corporate Cameraman

Cameraman for corporate films working with some of the world's largest companies.

ENG Cameraman

ENG Cameraman shooting content for news, broadcast and PR launches.

PD Self Shooter

Self shooting PD with experience working with contributors.

Adventure Filmmaker/Videographer

Freelance adventure filmmaker/videographer with international experience shooting content in remote places.