Mike Skinner Music Video

Branded Content
  • Director of Photography (DP)
  • Editor

Mike Skinner, lead singer, rapper and producer for The Streets was commisioned by tequila brand 1800 to produce a track to celebrate the launch of a special edition bottle in which Mike help design artwork for. As part of the process, I was commisioned to tag along, capture the recording of the track and create a music video to accompany the track.

The music video came together, using the footage we captured of the recording session, B-Roll of Mike in the studio and a few bits of stock footage. Playing into the lo-fi sound of the music, I decided to go with a degraded VHS look for a lot of the video which helped join together various bits of the film with actual footage we shot on the day. 

The content was shot on Sony FX9 with Canon CN7, Sony FX6 and various Sony lenses.