Race to finish cancer

Institue of Cancer Research
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Olympian Greg Rutherford MBE and Paralympian Erin Kennedy MBE teamed up with the Institute of Cancer Research to launch a new fundraising campaign, imprinting the words FINISH CANCER in the sand 167,000 times to symbolise each life lost to cancer each year. 

To launch the start of this project, I was brought in to create an inspirational film intertwined with animated text to highlight the points. 

We shot this at Happisburgh beach in Norfolk. Working with a small crew, we captured a select few hero shots to help tell this story. Drone footage helped set the scene and highlight the point that footprints were being imprinted across the UK. 

The primary running shots were shot using an FX6 on a DJI RS3  (turns out that professional athletes run faster than me - going backwards holding a 5KG gimbal!) with additional footage shot on Sony FX9 with CN7.