Rewilding the Blean - The UK's first Bison Release

Kent Wildlife Trust
People's Postcode Lottery
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  • Cameraman
  • Editor

For the last 18 months or so, I've been documenting one of the most exciting rewilding projects currently taking place in the UK. The reintroduction of a keystone species - the European Bison. There are a number of reasons why this project is so exciting, but for me, it's being able to help people engage with what the future of nature could be. Currently, along with the climate emergency, we are facing an equally important issue of decline in bio-diversity. The loss of habitat is part of this issue. What the reintroduction of bison will enable, is a natural architectural solution to the regeneration of this Kent woodland. This will help a variety of plants, bugs, birds and mammals to thrive. And what better way to engage people with this crisis than a big fluffy bison!

Working with People's Postcode Lottery (who've helped fund the project), I've spent many days at The Wilder Blean in Kent talking with people involved in the mission. Including bison rangers, ecologists and environmentalists. I've filmed many key moments in the project, including the above which was the release of bison back in August '22. 

Whilst the final content will eventually come together into a longer form documentary for People's Postcode Lottery, some of the footage shot above became world renowned when the headlines of the bison release hit the news, generating international coverage and letting people grab a glimpse of these majestical beasts.

Additional filming in this piece from James Spencer.