Women in Freight - Amazon

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To mark International Women's Day, Amazon tasked me with creating a piece of content that would celebrate women in the trucking industry. Whilst women are certainly a minority within a lot of the industry, by showcasing role models of successful women, Amazon can promote opportunities to other women out there who might be looking at courier opportunities.

My approach for this was to humanise the role as much as possible, including faces as much as possible as well as doing and action shots. This helps people to relate to the content and makes the job roles more aspirational. I chose to use an EyeDirect for the interviews, to get our talent looking into the camera as much as possible. 

Finally I used a DJI Ronin gimbal to capture movement in the B-Roll. This helps to keep the edit moving and the pace of the narrative up.

The final film was used across social media and on the Amazon website.

Shot on ARRI Amira with Canon CN7 and Sony a7s3 with DJI Ronin-SC2.