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Debunking Branded Content Video Terminology

There are certain phrases that clients and co-workers ask me again and again for the meaning of. I thought I’d just pull up the most common ones I come across and list them here.

Have I missed any? Are there any terms you have to keep explaining? Feel free to leave them in the comments section.

1. Rushes containing the primary content, usually interviews.
2. A pre-packaged editorial edit that can be played out or uploaded directly to a website with out requiring any additional editing work. Includes graphics and titles. Depending on the content, this may or may not have music.

1. Rushes containing the secondary content, usually cutaways.
2. A roughly cut package of rushes containing all the content a broadcaster could need to cut their own package. Usually has detailed slates containing a timecoded index and interviewee details including full name and title.

VNR (Video News Release)
This is usually the distribution of A-Roll and B-Roll to journalists. A-Roll is sometimes referred to as a ‘VNR’.

IV (Interview)
Short hand for interview.

GV (General Video) - Float, cutaway
The alternative content used to ‘paint over’ interview footage.

Title Bar - Aston, lower-third
Graphic used on an edit to detail who’s currently being interviewed

Graphic detailing important information. An ‘End Slate’ is a slate that features on the end of a video usually with the call-to-action and brand logo.

TVC (Television Comercial)
Commercial advertisement that’s played out on TV for brand promotion.

Term that refers to content created for social media to organically collect views through peer to peer sharing.

DoP (Director of Photography)
Person in charge of the camera(s) on a shoot. They decide where the cameras go, what they pick-up and how the lighting should be setup.

DIT (Digital Image Technician)
Person in charge of transferring rushes from camera to hard drive.

Preditor (Producer-editor)
Someone who can produce a shoot and then edit the content.

PD Shooter (Producer/Director Shooter)
Someone who can produce and direct a shoot, whilst operating a camera.

DFA (Does F*** All)
My favourite one… the effect you add to your footage in post to make it ‘pop’ more…

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