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7 social media video trends to expect in 2017


1. Length is becoming irrelevant but there’s a much higher emphasis on creating engaging content that audiences want to watch.

2. 2 minute pseudo news pieces are dead. Either give the audience an engaging film to watch or cut the crap and tell the story in 30 seconds.

3. Brands will be delivering multiple short clips across social to add longevity to a campaign day rather than reposting the same content.

4. Subtitle EVERYTHING. The majority of views will come from silent autoplays in peoples social feeds. Embrace this and subtitle all content.

5. Facebook Live is here to stay. With captivation times of 20 minutes ON AVERAGE brands will be utilising this much more in 2017.

6. 2017 will feature even more YouTube stars rather than their ailing reality star counter parts. Whilst they might have larger fanbases, their production values are often not good enough for an integrated PR campaign. Working with reputable filmmakers, your brand can still produce content that will engage on social and also generate the media leads you’re after.

7. 360 degree video maybe a fad but it’s here to stay for 2017. Expect creative and experiential uses by brands throughout the year.

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