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Filming bison in kent
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Rewilding the Blean - The UK's first Bison Release

Adventure Filmmaking

I'm an adventure filmmaker with experience filming in a variety of difficult locations. I've shot all of the UK and various countries across the world. I've shot adventure films on road, up mountains, on bikes, in water and on snow. I'm confident at building a narrative around travel and adventure.

I have lots of equipment at my disposal to help with adventure filming. I tend to opt for light weight, compact cameas for when on the move. Cameras like the Sony FX6 or Sony a7s3.I use drones where necessary to help capture stunning footage which really helps to sell a location. I then have a selection of Go Pro action cameras which can be mounted right in the action. 

I approach adventure videography in the same was I approach any other type of videography. Ultimately the story and story is the most important element. The audience wants to know why this journey is important. I then tie it all together with stunning visuals.

A keen climber, MTB'er, hiker and canoeist, when not filming and I'm quite likely to be out on an adventure. I'm very comfortable with rope work, being up high or in the middle of a freezing lake.