Environmental Filmmaker

Swimming in Plastic
The Big Bang Fair
Swimming in Plastic
Much Better Adventures
Filming bison in kent
Kent Wildlife Trust
Rewilding the Blean - The UK's first Bison Release

I'm an environmental filmmaker and video reporter specialising in telling nature based stories. I work with individuals and organisations to produce videos and films related to nature and human interaction with it. 

In the past I've documented the effect damming is having upon communities and nature within the Balkans. I've covered the release of the first bison back into the wild in the UK. I've even been involved with the world's first nature documentary based in a pub garden!

When I approach an environmental film project, the key for me is understand the story and narrative. I want to know the motivation behind it and who the film or project will engage. It's then important to establish who will be available for interview and how can we follow this story. Key then, is to capture great visuals. Drone shots are great to give a wider perspective but close up macro shots can be great at exposing the finer detail. 

I'm passionate about using my skills as a filmmaker for good and to share my love of nature with other people. I do not knowingly engage my services with companies who extract, sell or promote the usage of fossil fuels.