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Charity Videographer

I'm a videographer with a passion for creating engaging charity films. Working with some of the countries leading charities, NGOs and production companies, I've had the pleasure to produce content for the likes of 38 Degrees, Cats Protection, Dogs Trust, Farm Africa, Macmillian Cancer Support, Gingerbread, Rehab and Norwood.

I've strong beliefs that we can have a fairer society and whilst I can never achieve world peace alone, I do believe that video can be used for good. Through the work I do with various charities in the UK and around world, I hope that I can make a small change.

Charity Video Production in London, UK

The scope of work I undertake for charities and third sector organisations varies from straight forward directing to a one-man videographer (cameraman) to pure editing to full video production. As budgets are often tight working within the charity sector, the ability to send one person to film content can be a real cost saver.

I've produced a variety of charity videos including campaign films, case study videos, award vignettes, fund raising films, charity video news releases, event films and self-help videos. I'm most happy working on films with a strong narrative lead.

In my opinion, the most powerful video is that that can create social change.

So if you're looking for a videographer with own kit to film your charity, NGO or client's video, please get in touch. I do offer preferential rates for charity work. Please ask when making contact.