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Corporate Video Cameraman, Filmmaker and Videographer

I create corporate videos for some of the worlds largest organisations. From pre-production, to production through to editing and delivery, I've helped many household name businesses delivery their B2B messages through video and film. 

I've helped Amazon reach all levels of the organisation through well crafted videos which have helped business leaders speak to everyone throughout the organisation. I've filmed videos for Network Rail, British Gas, B&Q, Tesco and Accor. I've whitelabled productions for some of the country's leading video production companies to assist in delivering corporate communications for the likes of Unilever, Ernst and Young and PWC.

I regularly travel internationally with my equipment for corporate video filmming, travelling throughout Europe and further afield to assist. I'm well adversed in preparing the legalities of travelling (ATA Carnet, customs, etc...), booking travel and preparing the equipment for flight, train or ferry. 

From simple sat down interviews, to pieces to camera with autocue to full on dramatisations for exploring case study situations. I've used a variety of methods to film corporate videos in the past including green screen studios, portable green screens and various walk and talk methods. I've the latest camera equipment, lighting, lenses, grip and autocue/EyeDirect setup. 

Once the corporate video productions are filmed, I can either hand the footage over to the organisation, production company or agency to edit, or I can take it back to my editing studio and complete the post production myself. 

Want to join some of the leading names in business with your video production? Give me a shout!