Social Films

Case study film
Institute of Cancer Research
Case Study Film
Prudential Ride London - Amstel
Cold Tub Pub with Mark Cavendish
Brixton Brewery
Generation Pale Ale
Keep (unwanted) intruders out
Justin Young singing into a mic
Sea Shanty with Justin Young of The Vaccines
Mother's Day Social Media Film
Glastonbury Festival
Women in freight video
Women in Freight - Amazon
Filming Made in Chelsea star in a band stand
Jose Cuervo
Mariachi in Chelsea - Made in Chelsea x Love Island
Kraken Screamfest 22
Hide and Seek - Screamfest
The story of colour poem film
The Story of Colour

Social Media Video Production

Creating content for social is now integral to almost all marketing and PR campaigns. Since 2012, I've spent a large amount of time working on and optimising content for this purpose. No longer is social media video production an after thought to a campaign, but it's now the main way video content is seen.

To create content specifically for the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, optimisation are made to ensure viewers are enticed in, their viewing experience is optimised and they are engaged for the longest amount of time possible. Ways to do this include: delivering in a square or vertical video ratio to maximise onscreen real-estate, using graphics and subtitles to tell a story and optimising the edit to entice and then engage the audience.

Producing video content for Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories is a way of embracing story-telling in a new way. Breaking a campaign down into bite-sized chunks and telling it in very basic terms, is a way of engaging even more viewers whilst finding creative ways to portray a story.

Clients who I have helped to use social for their campaigns include Amazon, Twinings, Heathrow, EE and FIFA.