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Case Study Film
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Freelance Video Editor

I'm a freelance video editor with over 15 years experience editing top notch video content. From branded content to broadcast to fast turnaround events. I've spent a long time honing my craft and perfecting a speedy but impactful edit.

Whilst I edit a variety of videos, I'm most happy editing content that I've filmed myself. Finding a cameraman that can edit is a challenging task, but as someone who learnt to edit through college, it comes very naturally to me. 

I've worked my way through all the major players in the NLE world so I'm happy editing with FCP7, FCPX, Premiere Pro and AVID. However, integration in Adobe's Creative Cloud with After Effects, Audition and SpeedGrade and superb codec compatibility mean that Premiere Pro is the NLE of choice for most of my projects.

I undertake many kinds of editing projects such as fast turnaround Video News Releases, preparing A-Roll and B-Roll reels for broadcast media, to high-end corporate films incorporating motion graphics to longer form documentary style programmes. Whilst a lot of my work is brand funded content, I'm most happy when I'm working on something with a strong narrative lead.

I've produced After Effects animations for the BBC, edited viral videos with over 800,000 views on YouTube, self-shot/produced/edited corporate videos with leading business people and edited brand fund content that's been played out on Channel 4's Daily Brunch and BBC Breakfast.