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Freelance DoP

Jon Collins is a freelance DoP working across various sectors of the industry creating visually stunning video content. I own various high end cinema cameras, lenses, lights and grip. I work with the very best assistants and operators to fulfil my role as a freelance DoP.

What is a freelance DoP?

A freelance DOP (Director of Photographer) is an experienced filmmaker and cinematographer, who works on a project-by-project basis to help create visually stunning images for your film or video productions. They possess both the experience and the equipment to flawlessly capture unique shots and techniques that you may not have known existed—all within your budget. The DOP also oversees any lighting and camera setups for quick, efficient shoots.

What Do the Job Responsibilities of a Freelance DOP Look Like?

A Freelance DOP is responsible for many facets of a production. This includes discussing the concept and desired outcome of the project with the director in order to determine the best way to capture visuals, create planned shot list according to instructions from the director, review locations and scout potential shooting sites, choose lenses and other equipment that will be used during production, discuss crew and actor blocking prior to any shoot days, setup lighting rigs and camera setups for each scene, manage camera assistants, operate camera equipment during filming sessions, monitor audio levels and ensure sound quality are always up-to-par throughout shoots.

The Role of the Freelance DOP in Film Projects.

The Freelance DOP is the most visible and important part of the crew on a film set. Depending on their experience, they will be expected to work alongside the director in pre-production, provide advice to production staff as needed during filming, and help bring the project to completion in post-production. They are also responsible for ensuring all camera equipment works properly throughout production and that shots are framed correctly without any issues. Most importantly, they strive to capture the desired creative vision while achieving perfect cinematic shots.