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Grow with Aldi
Case study film
Institute of Cancer Research
Case Study Film
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Institute of Cancer Research
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The story of colour poem film
The Story of Colour

Freelance Filmmaker

I'm a freelance filmmaker creating films for broadcast, marketing, PR and corporate. I work with some of the country's biggest brands, broadcasters and start-ups creating films and videos that get noticed.

From development to delivery, films need to have a narrative, be engaging and make viewers want to find out more. This goes from a VT delivered to go out on ITV or a social-media advert going out on IGTV.

I've spent the best part of the last 13 years honing my craft and following trends as video consumption changed from traditional broadcast VTs to online YouTube and social-media style films. I've worked with companies like Amazon, Heineken and Twinings to deliver online films that get watched by millions of people.

I work either alone or as part of a team to shoot content. I tend to work with various camera systems and equipment I own, including the ARRI Amira, Sony FX9 and the Sony FS7. I have a full set of portable lights, various sound kit (including numerous wireless lavaliers and shotgun mics) and lenses to suit a variety of situations. I can work with a full studio lighting rig or with just available natural light, depending on circumstances and available time. My lighting skills enable me to create a cinematic look and feel without blowing the budget on additional lighting technicians.

The style of content I work across include sat down interviews, scripted drama inspired films, comedy sketches, viral PR stunts and adventure film. Some films I make are 10 seconds long, others 10 minutes.

In terms of development, I can put together treatments and work through the pre-production stage. During production I can direct/produce and shoot on location. In post I can edit and pull together various cuts for different mediums.

Working across a variety of formats, typically from social media I'll create edits for YouTube, Facebook, Facebook Stories, Instagram (grid), Instagram Stories/IGTV, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other format that a client may require deliverables for. The kind of clients I work for include big household named brands such as Amazon, EE or Heineken, small start-up companies, organisations such as the Government, FIFA or UNICEF or broadcasters such as ITV.

To date, my greatest achievements have been attempting to stop damning on Europes last wild river, covering Glastonbury for EE and hitting international headlines with the award winning Swimming in plastic campaign.