Freelance Cameraman

I'm a freelance cameraman with experience shooting for broadcast, documentary, charity, news, music promos and corporate films. Over the past few years I've shot with a variety of systems and setups including the Sony FS7, Sony F5, ARRI Alexa, Canon C300, Sony PMW-500 and Canon XF305. I'm also licensed by the CAA to fly drones commercially.

I've experience of filming in a variety of situations including studio, location and more extreme environments. I'm well acquainted with a variety of lighting setups whether it be HMIs, tungsten, LED or natural light.

ARRI AMIRA Camera Owner and Operator

The ARRI AMIRA is superb camera and can produce images unmatched by most other camera systems out there. With up to 200fps footage, 4K and an unrivalled looks library, it's no wonder this has quickly become the go to camera for high-end BBC documentary production.

Sony FS7 Camera Owner and Operator

Owning the Sony FS7 means that I can use this fantastic camera on all shoots when required. Out the box it can offer broadcast quality footage, slow-motion, 4K recording and the flexibility of E-mount which can be converted to pretty much any lens mount going, whether that be PL, B4 or EF.

This camera can be easily matched to many other Sony cameras whether that be the Sony F5, Sony F55, Sony FS5 or Sony A7S or without too much fuss, can be matched to ARRI cameras like the ARRI Amira or ARRI Alexa.

Freelance DoP with kit

I own a full set of Zeiss primes which means I can offer a cinematic look without breaking the bank. For run-and-gun jobs, I've got variety of zoom lenses from Zeiss, Sony, Canon and Sigma, which means I can use the right tool for the job.

In terms of grip, I own a DJI Ronin (3-axis stabiliser) and have experience of working with exoskeletons and support like the TILTA Armour man and Easyrig systems.

As for lighting kit, I have various LED hard lights with modifiers, Kino Flo DIVA, lots of LED 1x1 panels, portable ring and camera top lights as well as lots of stands, rigging and clamps. All of which live in my van, so it's always available on my shoots. For bigger productions and studio shoots, I'll hire in the right lights for the job, whether that be Kino Flo Selects, ARRI Skypanels, ARRI 2Ks or 5Ks, Dedo Octodomes or 12x12 silks.

As for back drops and studio shoots, I can offer portable green screen, white screen or black screen as default for on location work.

For my full kit list, please checkout: For a full kit list, check out this page.

Sony FS7

Having shot with the Sony FS7 for over 2 years, the countries leading photographic store, Wex Photographic and Video recently commissioned me to create an in-depth review of the camera. That can be seen here.

ENG Cameraman

As an ENG Cameraman, I've filmed for broadcast, sport and news. My footage has been broadcasted on BBC, ITV and Channel 4 as well as across international sports channels. I've the ability to self-produce and capture the moment when it most matters.

Cameraman with Drone

I also hold a CAA Permission for Commercial Operation with full Liability Insurance to work with Drones enabling me to capture aerial footage for TV, online and corporate video productions. Often this will just be a couple of quick shots on a shoot to use as establishing shots, but this can also be useful on action and adventure shoots where the aerial perspective can help tell the story.

Self-Shooting Producer/Director

Operating as self shooting producer/director (PD self-shooter) I'm able to film content whilst continuing my role as a producer/director. In many cases, such as insufficient budgets or sensitive stories, it's not possible to send a whole crew in to capture the story. This is where I operate, capturing all the content solo or with a production assistant.

As a freelance videographer, I tend to service the PR, marketing and event sectors, capturing content as one-man-band style cameraman and director. Using an ENG style setup I can capture the content of an event and then edit onsite or overnight to be sent out as a video news release immediately. My ENG setup has been used across international sports events, immersive brand events and news pieces.

Freelance Producer
  • Lighting Cameraman
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  • Freelance DoP
  • ENG Cameraman
  • PD Self Shooter
  • Videographer
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  • Run-and-gun Cameraman
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