Recruitment Film - Mews

  • DoP
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Mew, the leading tech start-up company working in the hotel booking sphere, wanted to communicate to potential employees why the best talent chooses to work with them. To do this they commissioned me to make a series of films around current employees and why they choose to work at Mews.

As we were talking primarily about people and culture, in a business that involves a lot of computer and remote working, we wanted to bring the focus purely to the interviewees. We dropped the traditional concept of B-Roll and GVs in favour for fast cuts to the music with outtakes, clapper boards and extra shots. This created a high energy video edits that show Mews for a fun, energetic, vibrant company.

Shot on a 3 camera setup including FX6, FS7 and a7s3 with a second shooter motorised slider.